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Who is AMM.VA?


Get to know me

How I became a V.A.

My love for creating content was born during a world trip from 2019 to 2020. With my camera in hand, I traveled all over the world and shot a lifetime of beautiful memories. During the trip I started my travel blog: Here I share all my best travel tips, routes and hotspots in both my homecountry and abroad. The blog has grown into a well-visited platform and I have a number of fellow 'Reiswijven' in my team who also write blogs and support with the social media channels of Reiswijven. I also get nice collaborations, barter deals and affiliate income from my blog, but above all it is and remains a fun hobby that I hope to pursue for a long time!

And then what?

Back in the Netherlands I started working as a Content Specialist, at first for an interior webshop and after that for a PR and Marketing agency. Here I gained even more experience in creating, managing and publishing content in both text and images for various clients. I also noticed that many entrepreneurs or companies are in need of support and advice on online tasks, which I like to do, so I started as a Freelance Virtual Assistant. After 2,5 years in the Netherlands we decided to pack our bags again and moved to Bali in 2022. From there I now work completely independently as a V.A. and I am living my dream!